I saw a bird hanging on a wire, a small insect on its beak wriggled, trying to escape. It swallowed the insect whole, only to look for more.

I saw some dumbells and my recently built pull up bar. I watched it and remember I need to start my workout. Today is the day I am going back on my feet.

First I need to do at least three pulls, then in time, I am aiming for five. I am not very organized, but I know I will get stronger in time.

Then I started to wonder if the bird will ever aim for a bigger insect. Or will it know the limit of its beak and settle for smaller insects, wasting more hours to fill its stomach but avoid the risk of falling due to overload.

Maybe the bird will stay with the smaller ones. Some of the more enterprising ones probably tried and failed, and never try again. That is not the case of humanity. History told of us trying and failing and dying and then try again. Humans are the perfect loser and unsatisfied winner. When we achieve something, we look for something we haven’t achieve. Unlike the bird who settle for the perfect amount of insects, we look for bigger ones and test our limits. And once we reach the limit, we aim to break them.

But that is what makes us superior to other animals. Collectively, we love risks. And we hate to be conformed by nature, we’d like to create our own rules. We go to war for those rules, we create ideologies, religions, all to create order within our chaotic ranks, and we failed.

Just like the bird who loved his next meal as much as his current one. I think we need to be where we are. We don’t need to do it every day, but to appease individualism is as hard of a task as to raise ourselves to the top. So let’s put that on our list of ambitions; be here. Be bigger than our unquenchable nature. and we will finally break the rules dictated to humanity.




*insignificant quotes, try-not-to-be-cliche-description-of self, wordplay, or sometimes funny notes*

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sutansyah marahakim

sutansyah marahakim

*insignificant quotes, try-not-to-be-cliche-description-of self, wordplay, or sometimes funny notes*

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